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The Wall Company

Labor Painting the Wall

The Process of Wall Installation Services

Bringing your project to life takes a number of different steps to ensure that everything comes together just as it should during our wall installation services in Sarasota, FL. The Wall people works with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your new wall design looks just as good in your head and on paper as it does when it is finished on your property.

The Layout

The layout of your new wall is the most critical part of the job, and it is something we do not take lightly. Given our years of experience, we know how to navigate the most difficult situations—be it a phone line or the root of your favorite tree—to succeed in bringing your wall project to life. Where concrete walls require continuous feet, our foam walls only require inches. We just need to place a string line where the actual wall will be installed.

A block wall is then connected on the bottom with concrete. Our footings are 6' on the center, which allows them to be more flexible. Furthermore, it does not require a continuous footing.

Wall Layout Process

Wall Footing Process

The Footing

It is strongly recommended to use cement that is 3000psi (pound per square inch) strength concrete. There are no bags when you work with us; we prefer the real deal. Others who cut corners by using bags compromise the integrity of your wall, which is something you don't want during storm season. Additionally, we use 16-gauge galvanized beams for long-lasting stability.

Choosing our wall installation service means you are working with true professionals in the field. Our concrete comes out a truck to ensure you get the durability and stability necessary to keep your new wall looking great for decades to come.

The Foam

It is now time to install the backdrop for your outdoor living environment.
Foam panels are placed between the galvanized steel beams to form the actual wall. Rust proof corner beads create a permanently clean outline for your wall. Again, we never cut corners when it comes to the internal construction of your wall.

Foam Panelled Wall

Newly Textured Foam Wall

The Texture

Your choice is our pleasure. We take great pride in our ability to match your existing stucco or create the pattern of your dreams. Not sure what you want? We know what works. Be it Mediterranean or Modern, we can deliver. There is never a need to worry about matching your stucco when you work with us. We have the experience necessary to find a great match for you.

The Paint

The paint that goes on your wall is an often overlooked necessity. It is never forgotten when you work with our wall installation service, however. We use specifically engineered stucco primer and mildew resistant paint so that the look of your new wall is capable of withstanding our extreme, subtropical climate.

Newly Painted Foam Wall